Community engagement
that works

because it's real

When you have people you need to influence, or communities that you need onside, we’re here to help.


Kathy Chinn

Community Engagement Manager


Desiree Wehrle

Community Engagement Manager


Laura Ager

Community Engagement Manager

Bay of Plenty

Justin Rae

Community Engagement Manager

Bay of Plenty

Greg Taipari

Community Engagement Manager


Angus McGrath

Community Engagement Manager


Evan Freshwater

Community Engagement Manager


Janet Luxton

Community Engagement Manager


Mary-Ann McKibben

Community Engagement Manager

Lesley Reidy

Community Engagement Planner

John Summers

Communication Strategic Advisor

Kathy Riley

Internal Communication Advisor

Kylie Ruegg

Senior Communication Advisor

Mel Bowker

Senior Production Coordinator

Chandima Hayward-Fogg

Community Engagement Support

Aude Sarney

Digital Artist

Maya Le Bozec-McKendry

Office Administrator

Shelley Crestani

Managing Director 21 280 5315

Shelley brings the strategic firepower to Crestani, earned from more than two decades’ working in advertising agencies in London and here at home, including Saatchi Wellington when the agency was at its peak. Her senior management roles at Westpac and Telecom have helped make her a well-rounded communications professional with a gift for tackling the harder tasks such as contentious messaging, complex subjects and diverse audiences. The growth of Crestani is due to Shelley's firm belief that communications investment must be hard-wired to business performance.

Karl Ferguson

National Manager Community Engagement

Ryan Perica

Channels Manager

Terri Kydd

Finance Manager

Craig Crestani

Business Manager

Level One, 191 Thorndon Quay, Wellington, 6011